Sir Bernard

The cold-hearted general of the Galleon Army.


Name: Bernard Mondego
Age: 29
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Description: The feared knight Sir Bernard serves as the right-hand man of Bishop Barbatos. He is an extremely intelligent, efficient, and loyal follower of the Bishop, and as a result he is placed in charge of enforcing Barbatos’ “ethnic cleansing policy”, leading battalions of the Galleon Army and also suppressing all of the anti-Barbatos groups. Sir Bernard is also known for his uncanny ability to get points across, even by executing other people.


The Storm


Sir Bernard lead the second assault on Fort Lombard with a large portion of the Galleon Army and The Galleon Warmachine. It was certain victory, since the majority of the Cornerian Liberation Front were attacking Castle Aleman.

Sir Bernard had Sir Desmond practically defeated and near death at lance-point until the the party arrived. Worried this group of heroes that dispatched the warmachine would easily defeat him, he bargained with them to spare Desmond’s life for his own.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Sir Bernard

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