After a few days’ travel in Gerald’s carriage, we arrived at Fort Lombard once again, this time as fugitives. We managed to sneak past the guards inside the carriage, who thought a 6000 pound robot on the top was not suspicious at all. As soon as we parked inside the castle, we headed directly to the throne room to “have a few choice words” with Duke Conway. To our surprise, Sir Desmond was awaiting us, accompanied by two guards. After a brief negotiation, I brought in our little capture archer, much to Desmond’s surprise. Although she claimed they were lovers, they showed no signs of affection upon eye contact. IN FACT, it appeared they were both hiding something… We were all shooed out of the room to allow a private conversation between Desmond, the archer, and Gerald.

After a few minutes, we were allowed back into the room. Desmond said he would do the best he could to clear our names if we did a job for him. Bruce, a town located somewhere in Galleon, was recently “acquired” by Cornerian troops. It contained vast deposits of mithril, which were needed by Cornerian troops. However, the mithril flow from Bruce has recently stopped and no word has been spread concerning its status… If we investigated the situation and brought back mithril for Corneria, I would assume that Desmond would clear our name. However, considering our past history, there’s something fishy about his proposal.

After a carriage ride to Bruce, we, including the two guards sent to keep an eye on our adventuring company, found the small cul-de-sac deserted. After busting down an unlocked door, we found a ransacked house. Splitting up, Ragnus, Turin, and I found two men cuddling in an armour in a nearby house. We got the scoop on what has happened: after a violent earthquake many days ago, lizardmen started emerging from the mineshaft in the middle of Bruce and abducting the townspeople. Their terror was easily seen as they retreated back into the closet for further spooning.

After meeting with the other group, who found nothing but two strangely packaged legs of mutton, we slowly descended the mineshaft while Gerald stayed near the cliff to burn a reefer. Inside, we fought off a wave of lizard warriors, and proceeded to explore the rest of the mineshaft. In one room, we found a slimy, green hole in which Cathy (or something) happily plunged into. I, along with two of my mates, decided to return to the site of our arrival for further investigation. We all heard screaming down the shaft to the right. I volunteered to alert the rest of our comrades of the noise, while Turin and Ragnus ventured ahead. After rallying Kristen, Calibretto, and Amaril, we headed back down the way to assist our venturing company. Everyone except Calibretto went down the shaft to find a heated battle.

I soon found out why the iron giant lagged behind. He was followed by a giant and two spearmen. “OH SHAT” he screamed as he sprinted down the corridor, causing miniscule earthquakes with every bound. After slowly and fail-fully dispatching all the lizard peoples, we found the source of the girlish scream: a man with several stab wounds. He said that more humans were being held captive in a slimy, dark hole. No doubt he was talking about the one that Cumbucket was just exploring. He then ran off into the exit, then quickly ran into a miraculous wall of water and quickly drowned. Now there remains an entire dungeon to be explored in the pursuit of humans, mithril, and carriage change.



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