“You didn’t think you’d get off that easily
for flipping a table at Sir Desmond, did you?”


Name: Fiddenmar
Age: 19
Race: Wilden
Status: Deceased
Description: The young ranger Fiddenmar rose in the ranks of the Cornerian Liberation Front early in it’s conception. As one of Sir Desmond’s lieutenants, he worked very hard to prove his worth within the Liberation Front, and is very eager to please those in charge. He’s often times very stubborn when his strengths are pushed aside.




Fiddenmar’s Scout Troop wasn’t chosen to lead the mission to rescue Duke Conway; instead Gerald of Crate and the party were. He felt that this new group of warriors had taken his glory, and replaced him under Sir Desmond’s favors. This lead to his demise at Birkenmoor when he felt the need to attack the party for disobeying Duke Conway’s orders. His death was blamed on the party as a murder by traitors to Corneria.

He died by a beheading swipe of Amaril’s scythe.


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