Adrie of Birkenmoor

“I’m no bounty hunter. I’m paying you back for what you did to my brother!
For what you did at Birkenmoor!”


Name: Adrie Iguanada
Age: 21
Race: Half-Elf
Status: Alive
Description: Adrie, having the reputation as being one of the sharpest shooters in Corneria, was a welcome addition to the Cornerian Liberation Front. Alongside her lover, Sir Desmond, the two of them serve Duke Conway loyally until The Birkenmoor Massacre, where her own brother dies at the hands of Sir Desmond. After she finds out about the massacre, she sets off on her own mission to find those who are responsible for the killings, and avenge her brother.


On Silent Wings , The Gathering , Mongrel , The Storm , The Storm , Stones , Trickster


Adrie was apart of the mission against Galleon‘s military official Gustafo, alongside Sir Desmond, but because of Duke Conway’s capture, she opted to continue and lead the mission while Sir Desmond left to rescue the Duke. When she had heard word of the razing of Birkenmoor, her hometown, she and a few others deserted the troop to pursue the ones responsible. Upon hearing of the “traitors” she managed to track them down while they hid at the port town of Ashton.

She eventually caught up to the party as they approached Tanmis Hill to meet with Gerald of Crate. There she was defeated and subsequently captured, as she hunted them on false pre-tenses. She followed the party as they went to meet with the Duke, where she stayed at Fort Lombard to discuss issues with Sir Desmond.

The party met up with her yet again, in the mithril mines of Mining Town Bruce where she assisted them in dispatching a pack of lizardmen. There she explained how she decided to help them for sparing her life, and also factoring the falling out she had with Sir Desmond. She helped the party in their fight against the reanimated Rudolpho and several risen dead.

She assisted the party in the rescue of Fort Lombard. She continues adventuring with the party, even following Amaril to Mosswood to help cleanse the forest.

Adrie of Birkenmoor

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