Episode 6


OOC:“Forgot to catalogue this one.”

-DM Erwin

Persons Involved

Heroes: Amaril, Calibretto, Hogarth, Túrin
Individuals: Gerald of Crate


the party had stayed a while at Fort Lombard awaiting their just rewards for the rescue of the Cornerian Liberation Front soldiers residing there. I’ll finish typing this later haha..

Stuff happened in Crate.. party got a heroes welcome and were invited to the operahouse to hang out with nobles.. Uhh. Goblins and large bugs tried to burn down the rafters near the ceiling. Party stopped them.. Suspicious dudes were hanging around in the basement. Party stopped them too. And the ankhegs who busted through the stage. Ehh..

Quality play logs make their return next session haha. It’s been so long since we played..



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