Episode 3

The Gathering

“Is anyone going to follow me?”


after going into the slimy, moist, moss-filled tunnel alone.

Persons Involved

Heroes: Amaril, Caelynna, Calibretto, Hogarth, Ragnus, Túrin
Individuals: Gerald of Crate, Adrie of Birkenmoor, Sir Desmond


The party arrives at Fort Lombard to speak with Duke Conway about clearing the bounty on their head. At the drawbridge and front gate, they are greeted by somewhat hostile stares, though no Cornerian soldiers made a move against them. As they entered the Duke’s primary meeting hall, they were met with several guards, and Duke Conway’s chair set staring out the window overlooking Fort Lombard. Gerald of Crate exclaims that they have a few choice words with him with Amaril shortly after trying to calm him down. The Duke’s chair swivels around to reveal that Sir Desmond was sitting there to greet them. After a weighty exchange that didn’t seem to go in the party’s favor, Hogarth brought Adrie of Birkenmoor in, which seemed to turn the tides. After a private discussion, Sir Desmond and the party came to terms. In the last few days, The Liberation Front had occupied several Galleon towns, one of importance was the Mining Town Bruce which sources had found housed a large mithril deposit. Since the Cornerian occupation, the Liberation Front has yet to receive updates or any mithril shipments. Sir Desmond charges the party with investigating what happened at Bruce, and to return with the mithril shipment, and in exchange he would clear their bounties. To survey the operation, he sends two fresh Cornerian Liberation Front recruits, the eladrin rogue Caelynna and the human warden Ragnus to accompany them.

Upon arrival to the mining town Bruce, they find it is unusually silent save for high tide hitting the cliff shores below. The party searched the three primary buildings, all of which were ransacked. Túrin, Hogarth and Ragnus found the foreman and his assistant hiding in one of the buildings. Apparently once the Cornerian mining group became situated in Bruce, a small earthquake hit the town. Since then, reptilian humanoid Lizardmen have been climbing out of the mine shaft platform and abducting townsfolk. This only seems to occur during low tide. The foreman requested that these random adventurers find the whereabouts of the rest of the citizens, as he’ll personally pay them with his safe stash.Calibretto, Amaril and Caelynna found a pillaged general store. Upon closer inspection, the cleric and the rogue found a stock of untouched mutton. The warforged found a particularly interesting shelf.

When the party regrouped in the center of town, they inspected the mine shaft platform. The hoist was broken so there didn’t seem to be any conventional means to get down. A collaborative effort between their ropes managed to aid the situation and the party made their way down. A sunrod throw by Amaril revealed movement at the bottom of the mine shaft. Once they reached the bottom, they were met with crossbow bolts and spears. Lizardmen were alerted of their presence and a fight ensued. They then followed the tracks northeast to another room. There was a mine chute north and south, although the southern path was caved in, evidence of the earthquake. More evidence yet, was what looked to be a somewhat carved out tunnel leading further east. As the rogue Caelynna stealthily crawled in, Ragnus and Amaril heard painful screams coming from the western tunnel. The party fought on to find a pack of Lizardmen torturing a miner. After a devastating pincer attack, the party was able to rescue him. They found out a tunnel unearthed revealing a passageway; it was said that the lizardmen dragged their captives through that way. He also went on to reveal that his friend found a passage in the northern mining section that led to a grotto. Swimming through it would reveal a smaller room where he hid a small satchel of rare gems.



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