the party

Notable Members

Amaril, Hogarth, Hulk, Petey, Calibretto, Túrin,
Caelynna, Ragnus, Burtango
Adrie of Birkenmoor, Mobile Automatic Crossbow Turret,


The heroes hired by Gerald of Crate to assist the Cornerian Liberation Front in rescuing Duke Conway. They went on to partake in the liberation of Birkenmoor. When the Liberation Front came to the decision of razing Birkenmoor, the party would not be apart of that. As a result, they were attacked by the Liberation Front lieutenant Fiddenmar and his troop. After defeating them, with the help of Gerald, the party fled, as they were later framed as murderer’s of the Cornerian lieutenant and traitors to the state.

It was later discovered the bounty on their heads raised to a total of 40,000 gold; a hefty price for co-conspirators to the Galleon villains who razed Birkenmoor. With the help of Gerald, they moved to clear their name. After a daring escape from the port town of Ashton the party encountered Adrie of Birkenmoor. After quelling her assault, the party aimed to clear their name not only to her, but the rest of Corneria.

The party then went to Fort Lombard to bargain for their innocence with Duke Conway. To clear their names, Sir Desmond charged them to investigate the happening in Mining Town Bruce with the help of Ragnus and Caelynna. At Bruce, they found the Galleon wizard Gustafo. After quelling the threat there, they returned to Fort Lombard during a Galleon invasion.

After demolishing The Galleon Warmachine and preventing the second occupation of Fort Lombard by Galleon, the party was rewarded and re-offered the chance to join the Liberation Front. With a solid decline, the party went back to Crate as celebrated heroes.

the party

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