One of Galleon’s most brilliant minds and cruelest super scientist.


Name: Gustafo Augsberger
Age: 50
Race: Human
Status: Deceased
Description: Unlike his fellow members of the Galleon Army, Gustafo doesn’t really care at all about the ethnic war between Corneria and Galleon. He isn’t very sociable, and tends to keep to himself; his servants do most of his dirty work, and thus he rarely shows his face. Gustafo really has only one goal— to be the greatest wizard in Valeria. He is willing to sacrifice anything— morals, dignity, and even other people, for the sake of his work.

His son Rudolpho was executed by Bishop Barbatos for being in an anti-Barbatos group, but Gustafo did nothing, as it would jeopardize his position and resources within the Galleon Army.




Gustafo was being pursued by Sir Desmond prior to Duke Conway‘s capture. The mission was ultimately shot when Sir Desmond split his troop; one half to follow Gustafo, the other to rescue the Duke. Gustafo wasn’t captured, and the half of the troop pursuing him never returned to Corneria.

He was soon discovered to be the wizard responsible for the deaths of the townsfolk of Mining Town Bruce in part to the earthquake he caused beneath the town, and the lizardmen he forced to collect the bodies of the miners and citizens. He was experimenting with the mithril within the mine, along with the corpses of the townspeople to perfect a way to raise the dead; as he was trying to revive his son Rudolpho.

He was slain by an explosive chain reaction of his own magic reacting with a cart of mithril, thanks to a crossbow bolt from Caelynna.


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