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*10*STR *11*CON *08*DEX *10*INT *20*WIS *14*CHA

*23*HP *16*AC *11*FORT *11*REF *18*WILL

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Name: Amaril
Age: 24
Race: Human
Description: A cleric of Anesthia and a citizen of Corneria. Amaril trained as an artisan under his father for much of his childhood and young adult life. On his seventeenth birthday, Amaril and his father began a journey to a nearby city. His role in the trade caravan served as a rite of passage into adult life. In addition, it would solidify his role as a respected artisan in the region as some of the products to be sold were of his own creation. Mid-way through the trip the caravan was attacked by marauders. His father, and every other member of the caravan, to his knowledge, were mercilessly slaughtered. Amaril himself barely escaped with his life.


Bloodstained , On Silent Wings , The Gathering , The Storm , Stones


A wandering traveler, an old man accompanied by seven canaries, found Amaril near death, and brought him to a monastery of Anesthia. Here he lived for the next seven years, leaving behind him the life of an artisan. Amaril adopted the lifestyle of a cleric of Anesthia. There he stayed and trained until Gerald of Crate conscripted him to the Cornerian Liberation Front.

At The Birkenmoor Massacre, Amaril slayed the Liberation Front Lieutenant Fiddenmar.

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