Episode 7


“Now you’ll sleep for eternity.”


Persons Involved

Heroes: Amaril, Burtango
Individuals: Adrie of Birkenmoor


After receiving the map from Gerald of Crate, the party had decided to pursue further ventures north, in Zacrum. Just prior to their departure, Amaril ran into a familiar face; a fellow priest from his church of Anesthia. He was sent by his superiors to answer a call, a nearby village is experiencing otherworldly occurrences and the local government is too busy with the war to help. Compelled to assist his goddess, Amaril was adamant on helping this priest solve this problem. Talking with the party, they decided they would reconvene at the Port Town Ashton, where they could re-supply for their journey north.

This nearby village, Mosswood, is almost completely surrounded by woodland and the only safe passage there was an old beaten road. Having traveled through these woods before, Amaril had already begun to notice changes in the forest; excessive moss and fungi seemed to grow excessively and unnaturally. Down the road, they encounter a small gang of orcs about to rob a halfling. As Amaril approached, they turned and demanded he pay the toll as well. His gold or his life. After the two dispatched the orc gang, Amaril came to find out this halfling rogue, Burtango, is actually a resident of Mosswood. Burtango helps guide the priests there.

Upon arrival of the village, there seemed to be a general consensus of villagers gone missing and the degredation of the forest though there were some naysayers. The Mayor had told them there was a sighting of a sinkhole in the woods where the fungus seems to be it’s thickest. It seemed to be their only lead and so the investigation begun. In the forest, they encountered a couple lost villagers acting very strangely. Walking in a staggered manner, they seemed to slug through the woods to an unclear destination lead by a faint and eerie flute tune.

Following these villagers through the bush, a 15’ wide tear in the earth revealed a deep dark hole with an excessive amount of mushroom and fungal growth. It was clear this was where the source of the problem was coming from. Amaril and Burtango descended down. On the climb down they were engulfed in a reek stench but were unaffected by it. They ran into a couple villagers, looking infected by the fungus yet immobile. They freed several villagers who were crudely shackled to the walls of this unnatural cave. Deeper into the sinkholes they encountered three other infected villagers performing a ritual on a young lady. Unable to prevent her, she was transformed into a winged abomination.

Having fought their way through all this, they found a final sinkhole. The darkness seemed to pour from this one.. As they descended down, a sun-rod revealed a goat-headed demon playing various instruments. Within this cramped chamber, they fought and slayed it. The mushrooms could already been seen receding as they escaped with the rest of the captured villagers. Having returned back to Mosswood, Amaril had helped his fellow priest with helping free this town from the demon’s influence. Seeing the talent for combat, he extended an invitation to Burtango to join him to Timbervale and beyond to Zacrum.



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