Episode 5

The Storm

“A life for a life. You let him live, we let you live. You kill him, we kill you.”


Persons Involved

Heroes: Amaril, Calibretto, Hogarth, Ragnus Túrin
Individuals: Gerald of Crate, Adrie of Birkenmoor, Sir Desmond, Sir Bernard


the party approached the already burning Fort Lombard in a hurry, but not before Gerald of Crate parked a safe distance outside of the drawbridge. Find Sir Desmond! he yelled as the party entered the smoking keep. Upon entering Fort Lombard, which functions like a small town, the party notices one of the massive guard towers at the entrance has been collapsed leaving a massive pile of burning rubble blocking the primary causeway to the Great Hall. Their only options would be to go down the residential section through the armory or up the barracks through the training grounds. Thinking the barracks should be loaded with soldiers able to defend themselves they chose to go down through the residential area. Right as they had finished deliberating a gang of soldiers and wizards had appeared from both roads. Donning their tabards emblazoned with the Galleon Lion emblem, they had a fight on their hands.

Afterwards venturing down the residential section, they found several buildings cast aflame. As the party dispersed to search for survivors they ran into two Galleon soldiers and what looked to be two large mechanical men, similar to Calibretto. After dispatching them, they found the mechanical men weren’t actual warforged, but men adorned in suits made to look like them. A Cornerian child was found burned as a result of the battle, in that no one had gone to rescue her.

At the armory, the party was ambushed by a hail of crossbow bolts. A Galleon wizard was tinkering with a standalone crossbow turret before the party had arrived and scared him off. The party worked to disable the arcane mechanisms to prevent it from firing at them again. Túrin and Calibretto went to the blacksmith to see if there were any survivors and found the smith had locked himself in. He had just finished forging some new weapons just prior to the Galleon invasion on Fort Lombard and so he was prepared to arm any Cornerians willing to fight back. Before he could give them some new weapons, the Galleon wizard returned with some reinforcements and the party fought them off and managed to disable the crossbow turret. The smith gave them some new weapons and directed them towards the Great Hall.

Just outside they witnessed three Cornerian soldiers get dispatched by two Galleon “warforged” juggernauts and the dreaded Sir Bernard. As he ran off to pursue Sir Desmond, the party handled the two Galleon juggernauts, who turned out to be a dragonborn and a goliath underneath Warforged plating.

Just outside of the Great Hall was the desolate courtyard. Only Sir Bernard stood in front of the massive doors. “Cornerian fighters!” he exclaimed, “Bare witness to the true testament of Galleon technology and ingenuity!” as four wizards appeared along the outer watch towers. With synchronized hand gestures, the doors were blasted open and a beast of massive size had leaped through. A huge mechanical lion of metal plates, cogs, bolts and wooden enforcements roared and spewed acid on the party. A decisive battle ensued as Calibretto attempted to hold the lion’s attention, while Hogarth, Ragnus and Turin tried to dispatch the wizards controlling it. Amaril was dealt a devastating claw attack and temporarily fell in battle, but not before the group brought the beast down. As each wizard collapsed, so did one of the machine’s legs, until it was but a biting head.

Inside the Great Hall, they found Sir Bernard has Sir Desmond on the ground at lance point. The party gave Bernard an ultimatum, leave with your life, or take Desmond’s and die. The bluff succeeded, especially considering the party was exhausted after all their fighting. The party had quelled the invasion on Fort Lombard and saved Sir Desmond. In the following days, the Cornerian Liberation Front worked to repair Fort Lombard. Sir Desmond cleared the party’s bounty and also in return for saving his life, gave them first choice on the new equipment being made from the mithril. Just as well, the blacksmith from the armory tinkered with the crossbow turret and gave it wheels. It now fights for the party. Sir Desmond also extended an open invitation to the party to rejoin the Liberation Front and command of their own battalion. They seemed to decline at the time, but with the option available. Anything could happen.

Meanwhile, during the invasion on Fort Lombard lead by Sir Bernard, Duke Conway was leading an attack of his own, on the capital of Galleon Capital City Barrel. The Liberation Front has Bishop Barbatos’s fortress, Castle Aleman, surrounded and the city occupied. With the war between Galleon and Corneria possibly coming to an end, the state of Zacrum watches on ever vigilant.


Sorry for the late post, guys. I just been lagging since I didn’t have to prep for, what should’ve been, today’s game. Haha. Anyway..

Episode 5

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