Episode 4


OOC: “You hear faint moans coming from down the tunnel..”

-DM Erwin

OOC: “Is it the lizardmen?”


Persons Involved

Heroes: Caelynna, Calibretto, Hogarth, Túrin
Individuals: Gerald of Crate, Adrie of Birkenmoor, Gustafo, Rudolpho


And so the party elects to go and search for the rescued miner’s satchel. They head into the northern mined out area to find said section leading to a small room with a submerged grotto. The party dove into the water to find a small underwater passage, covered in ferns and other flora. After emerging on the other side, the party found the other miner, emaciated, dead and decomposing. Hogarth searched the plants in which he was laying beside and found the satchel. But as he reached to grab it, a hand reached out from the brush and grabbed him. The party fought off two shambling mushroom men; Myconids. After smashing them both, the party looked inside the satchel to find eight rubies and four large diamonds.

After coming back out of the grotto, the party ventured further into the mine through the moss-lined tunnel. Turin’s lit sunrod revealed a vast cavern with a large underground salt-water lake. Approaching from the north was a band of lizardmen, that otherwise would have overpowered the party if it weren’t for the appearance of Adrie of Birkenmoor. She had opted to join the party in retrieving the mithril during the meeting between her, Sir Desmond and Gerald of Crate. She was delayed in her assistance due to the falling out that occurred between her and Sir Desmond. After everything was all said and done, Turin, being the most athletic, opted to swim across the lake to scout ahead. He saw residing on the opposite shore a set of huts. Swimming back, he gathered the rest of the party to continue the search for the miners and the mithril, and they all began to swim across.

Halfway across the lake, passing the deeper section, Calibretto felt something large brush against his leg. As the party continued to swim, suddenly they were all pulled under. Tentacles had constricted each of their legs revealing an awakened kraken sleeping beneath. The rogue attempted to wriggle free from the kraken’s grasp, but was only constricted harder. Calibretto managed to muscle his self free and went on to try and release Caelynna. With quick thinking, Hogarth analyzed the kraken’s attack patterns and managed to escape, as did Turin with quick swimming. Calibretto and Caelynna quickly followed. The party seemed to be safe when they reached the shallower parts of the lake and approached the shore of the other side.

At the aforementioned huts, three larger lizardmen were barking orders to a smaller one. To “hurry and get the bodies to the wizard before he gets angry again.” Caelynna crept about the encampment stealthily to find several lizardmen sleeping together within the huts. She also found a passage to the north containing many dead bodies, some hanging from crude hooks attached to the ceiling, others laid about in piles. It seemed the lizardmen were transporting the bodies from this room to another when called upon. She returned back, and after much deliberation, the party decided to send Turin and Caelynna back to the corpse room to, at first, feign death to see where the lizardman was taking the bodies, but after seeing the condition they had to be in, instead, planned to intimidate him into taking escorting them to their leader. The party hoped in doing so, they could discuss issues with them, and gain safe passage to find the mithril.

The largest, more dressed lizardman and his two guards met with the party, and the laborer lizardman escort. Apparently, a wizard had moved into the caves recently, and had begun taking bodies of lizardmen. To prevent this, the lizardmen agreed to provide bodies as long as they were left alone. And so to protect their people, the miners and townsfolk of Mining Town Bruce had to be sacrificed. The leader of the lizardmen, aptly named Lizard King despite the fact he isn’t really their king, allowed the party safe passage as long as they got rid of the wizard. The laborer lizardman offered a bit of advice to the party as well in that, the wizard is often too busy in his work to deal with whoever delivers the bodies, and so if they approach with corpses, they should be fine.

And so they did, traversing deeper into the cavern they passed through two rooms, more bodies littering the area. This time, they weren’t just of miners, but of Cornerian and Galleon soldiers. At the end of the set of rooms was the wizard’s chambers. The wizard stood in front of a table alongside other tables with flasks, vials and various tubing for alchemical purposes. There were also several mine carts with raw mithril in them, it seemed as though he was using arcane powers in conjunction with the magical properties of the metal to experiment on the bodies. Hogarth noticed the body on the table the wizard was working on belonged to the tragic Galleon soldier Rudolpho. Upon further inspection, the wizard was revealed to be Rudolpho’s own father Gustafo! Gustafo apparently conjured up the earthquake after the Cornerian occupation of Bruce, and forced the lizardmen to collect bodies for him. As he was experimenting in bringing the dead back to life, he needed many test subjects before he could perfect it; thus being able to bring his son back in perfect condition. Believing the mithril could work in the process, led him here.

The party, attempting to reason with Gustafo, tried to get the mithril from him to no avail. As he began charging some sort of arcane blast for the party, Caelynna fired a crossbow bolt at him. It hit his arm and caused him to reel back, in turn blasting one of the carts full of mithril. A chain reaction of those things cause a massive explosive shockwave through the cave sending everyone to the floor. As the party got back to their feet, Gustafo laid on the ground motionless, but the body of his son Rudolpho stood up from the table. As Rudolpho looked down to see a motionless Gustafo, he filled with rage and attacked the party. Calibretto, Turin, and Caelynna fought off the menacing Galleon zombie, Hogarth went into the previous rooms to find the shockwave had affected some of the corpses there, reanimating them as well. After a decisive battle, the party showed the dead corpse of the wizard to the lizardmen, and they were allowed safe passage with the mithril through a back tunnel, likely the passage that Gustafo came through.

Back at Bruce, the party loaded the mithril into Gerald’s carriage and they began the long journey back to Fort Lombard to complete their mission and clear their name. After an extended rest along the way, they came to a smoking Fort Lombard. The keep was set aflame! The party hurried there to see what was going on.



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