Episode 13





Persons Involved

Heroes: Burtango, Lokag, Mikal, Gualichu. Guest appearance by Sloane
Individuals: Gustafo, assorted Ruins inhabitants.


  • Stuff happens involving the Frost Serpent.

  • Stuff happens as a pre-cursor to the Gustafo fight.

  • Party defeats Gustafo but not before he attempts to kill the Heroes of Crate.
  • Amaril and Turin are killed. Hogarth is shielded by Calibretto, who’s metal body is completely obliterated. Only to reveal a man, who some of the party recognized, who used to be a high ranking Galleon official.
  • Party returns to Lettholme, having stopped the undead crisis. Akra, of the Apothecary, recommends the party return home to bury their friends.
  • Ghesh and Gualichu are ordered to join the party, and are tasked with retrieving herbs based out of Corneria.
  • Burtango and Hogarth head south to bury their fallen allies and to find out the story of the man inside of Calibretto.
  • Parting ways with Mharki, Lokag and Mikal accompany the party on their journey back to Corneria.



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