Episode 12


“We need to get the hell off this ice!”



Persons Involved

Heroes: Hogarth, Burtango, Lokag, Ghesh, Mikal, Gualichu
Individuals: Gustafo, assorted Ruins inhabitants.


  • the party decides not to rest after that battle and delve into the ruins to pursue Gustafo.
  • Inside the ruins, they reach a fork; a set of double doors looms in front of them, a dark hallway leading into a large room and a cold earthen passage descending deeper into the ruins.
  • Ghesh and Lokag begin their descent into the earthen tunnel.
  • The party struggles down the treacherous cliffs and ledges.
  • The deeper they get down the tunnel, the colder it seems to become.
  • When the descent finally ended, the party arrived at a massive cavern with a frozen lake at the bottom.

  • Landing on the lake bed, Ghesh learned the hard way how slippery the surface could be.
  • Hogarth, upon closer inspection, discovered rubble from the ruins, as well as assorted coffins beneath the ice, as well as still lake water.
  • Burtango began scaling the highest cliff to his left as the party worked their way across the lake bed.
  • Ghesh pauses at the center of the lake upon hearing the sound of wings flapping softly resonating in the cavern.
  • Lokag begins scaling the cliff opposite of Burtango, with Mikal pulling up the rear.
  • Gualichu struggles to maintain his footing as he tries to cross the frozen lake.
  • They’re attacked by a massive bat, as soon as they separate to explore the cliffs and ledges.
  • As Hogarth bloodies the bat, it screeches and flies past Mikal and Lokag up to it’s perch.
  • Following the bat to it’s perch, Lokag impales it on his greatsword, ending it’s life.

  • Stuff happens
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