Episode 11


“I may know somethin’! What’s in it fer me?”

-Baern Dwarven Brewer

“How about this?”

-Mikal drawing a naughty dwarven parchment from his bag.


Persons Involved

Heroes: Calibretto, Hogarth, Burtango, Lokag, Ghesh, Mikal, Gualichu
Individuals: Gustafo, assorted Lettholme Townsfolk


  • Gustafo and co. spot the party spying on them.
  • Etching a magic rune on the ground, Gustafo leaves the party to fend off the zombies.
  • Meanwhile, at the Apothecary, Ghesh, Hogarth and co. speak with Akra, head apothecary.
  • Assigns Ghesh to collect Grave Moss, and to take along their lead alchemist, Gualichu.
  • Arriving at the cemetary, they see the rest of the party engaged in combat and join them.

  • As they took down the zombies, more sprouted from the graves as the rune glowed.
  • Party worked to take down the zombies while simultaneously disabling the rune.
  • Afterward, returning to Apothecary with the moss, Akra works on a cure to purify the zombified.
  • Party splits up to investigate town for leads on Gustafo.
  • Gualichu, Lokag and Calibretto went to Inn of the Welcome Wench
  • Barkeep Brandis gave them a lead about strange activity coming from the Ruins just outside of town.
  • They head for the Ruins.
  • Ghesh, Mikal, Burtango and Hogarth went to Trading Post. Crowd rabble outside.
  • Owner Jeff was missing, Burtango broke in through the backdoor. Opens post for Crowd to setup shop.
  • Mikal finds an inappropriate parchment in the owner’s apartment.
  • They continue and go to the Weaver.
  • Weaver Rena has no information, although she has eyes for the dwarf Hogarth.
  • They continue and go to the Brewer.
  • Brewer Baern offers them mead, though his information may come at a price.
  • They get a lead about Cemetary worker Groundskeeper William, seen heading North-east likely towards the Ruins.
  • They head for the Ruins.
  • Arriving at the outskirts of town, they delve into the woods, surrounding the Ruins.

  • Gualichu spots roving patrols of armored skeletons, and notices Gustafo in the center with his gravediggers.
  • A battle across the Ruin tops occurs. Again Gustafo takes his leave, this time into the ruins. The party is left to fend off the gravediggers and skeletons.
  • Afterwards, the party prepares to enter the ruins to continue the pursuit.



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