Episode 10

The Husk

OOC: “We drank too much this game. Can’t even recall any quotables..”

-#1 PBR Advocate DM Erwin


Persons Involved

Heroes: Calibretto, Burtango, Lokag, Mikal
Individuals: Rangrim, Mharki, Gustafo


As the party had gathered back together, they were met with the rest of the surviving escapees who had been fighting alongside them against the orcs. A human invoker, Mikal, had been traveling between Galleon and Zacrum before being captured, the half-orc ranger Ortaddon, and the dragonborn swordmage Ghesh had formally introduced themselves to the party. The rumbling from within the cave opening in the mountainside continued. In the midst of all this, hobbling in from the entrance was the wounded Rangrim. Ghesh, speaking with Lokag and Rangrim, said that despite their differences in the past, they shared a common enemy here. Emerging from the mountains, the most massive of the orcs emerged. Adorned in bear furs and fragmented born ornaments, it was evident he was the chieftain of the war band. With an axe in hand linked with a weighted chain in the other, he roared seeing all his fallen brethren. Nursing his wound, Rangrim told the party that this was the menace leading the orc invasion; by his command nearly all the goliaths were slaughtered. Rangrim slumped over behind a tree as Ortaddon, in a fit of rage and impatience, charged the chieftain before being instantaneously dispatched by the whip of the weighted chain. Seeing his limp corpse soar and tumble to the other side of the village, the rest of the party charged to face their foe. The battle to crush the last of the orcish raiders had begun.

Calibretto and Lokag rushed the chieftain head on as Burtango dashed behind him, engaging with weapons drawn. Mikal pulled up the rear, firing off diving beams of light. To counter the overwhelming number of blows from the party, the chieftain would sweep his chain in a massive circle around him. The party came under heavy damage from the weighted end of the chieftain’s whip, but on the other hand, Calibretto managed to attract and deflect most of the axe cleaves. As the party continued to chop the hulking chieftain down, he let out a fierce roar sending them barreling back as blood dribbled from his muzzle. Calibretto was the first to fall back and was quickly pursued as the chieftain stepped on him, placing Mikal in range of the weighted chain; catching him a harsh whipping to the face. Lokag and Burtango, recovering from the shockwave of the chieftain’s battlecry, continued their assault to take him down and save Calibretto. Managing to get back on his feet, Calibretto, with the support of Mikal and Lokag, was able to draw the chieftain’s advances leaving him open for several surgical strikes from Burtango’s daggers. Delivering the killing blow, he drove his dagger deep into the chieftain’s spine bringing him to his knees and falling face first. Calibretto plucked one of the chieftain’s ears and tossed it to Burtango, although the victory belonged to the party, to the slayer went the trophy.

Once they finished patching up their wounds, a portion of the party surveyed the village for any orcish stragglers. Calibretto, Burtango and Mikal searched the cave. Meanwhile, Lokag went to check on Rangrim; who now was sitting in a grim state. As the last two goliaths still living in the village, Rangrim asks Lokag to find their brother, Mharki, who had moved to “the big city” at the end of Stonefang Pass. Removing and passing his headdress, a mark of leadership of their tribe, to Lokag, Rangrim passes on. Meanwhile, in the cave, the party finds a treasure trove of collected merchant loot. Multiple chests and boxes of assorted goods litter the whole cave interior. Rifling through the items, they found a few pieces of interest; an amulet adorned with a blood red gem, some bronze bracers, and a pair of intricate brocade boots. Inside of a fancifully carved chest, they also found a small purple pouch with gold trimmings filled with 90 platinum pieces. To the winners go the spoils.

After all these ordeals, Ghesh and Lokag had forgotten the bad blood between them. Prior to his capture, Ghesh had been looking for herbs in Stonefang Pass for an apothecary located in the town of Lettholme. Lokag, needing to fulfil Rangrim’s dying wish, was heading to Lettholme to visit his brother, Mharki. Calibretto, Burtango and the rest of the group had originally planned to travel north, so it seemed logical to travel with them. Lettholme would be their first stop in Zacrum. Working their way back to the main road of Stonefang Pass, the party exits the goat pass. A mile ahead, they could see the second guard tower checkpoint and proceeded on. An earthquake suddenly strikes the Riflesight Mountains, and portions of the road begin to collapse. Rocks tumble towards the party from above, as they start running, carefully stepping around the crumbling ground beneath them and dodging the rolling boulders above them. Just before they reached the outskirt of the guard tower, the party sees that the earthquake has taken out the last ten meters of the road. Charging the front at full speed, Lokag miraculously clears the drop and barely catches the ledge on the other side. Calibretto, managing to toss an end of his rope to Lokag, manages to jimmy rig a rope for the rest of the party to climb across. Hearing orcish horns from the guard tower, the party crosses in a panicked rush. With everyone but Calibretto across, he ties the rope around his waist as the rest of the party braces the other end. He makes a leap and crashes against the cliff face, climbing as the rest of the party struggles to pull him up.

As they approached the guard tower, a couple orcs barreled out. Demanding to know how they managed to pass their chieftain, the orcs began threatening the party. The party claimed they slayed him and the rest of the orcish warband. Calling their bluff, the orcs laughed and blew their horns again, expecting reinforcements. Without a word, Burtango stepped up and tossed the chieftain’s ear at them. Looking at the ear, then looking at each other, the orcs book it down the pass, into the wilderness. The party proceeded to check the guard tower for anything the orcs may have left behind. Inside, the first floor was ravaged worse than the last tower. It didn’t seem like the party would salvage anything from the ruins. But upstairs, Burtango found a hidden cache containing three healing salves. The party marched onward to Lettholme.

Lettholme Graveyard.





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