We started playing this campaign early July of 2010. A previous group I was playing in had gone on hiatus, and I needed my D&D fix. So I gathered up some family, they invited some friends, and we formed a new group while on summer break. It’s now six months later, looking forward to another six more.

We usually play every other week, normally on Saturdays at varying times. Although we have a constant 3-4 players, I (or others) invite friends interested in gaming to join the table as a guest player. Sometimes their stay is temporary, other times they become permanent players. Hopefully you enjoy your time on our campaign page, and take care.


- 13. Tragedy -

4/18/12: Wow, been quite a while since we’ve played. Thinking of trying to get the campaign started again, bump the players a few levels and say a “year” passed since they adventured together. Hopefully will update again soon.

12/30/10: Continue layout work after New Years, hopefully. STAY SAFE THIS WEEKEND EVERYBODY! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEARS!

12/3/10: Individual Heroes/Characters revamp. Transfer NPCS. Complete locations. Continue work on Home page.

11/16/10: To-Do List: Heroes templates, Locations templates, Home page.

10/31/10: Page is under construction, my dudes. Happy Halloween!


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